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At The Gil Studio we use a number of ancient and modern techniques in the fabrication of windows or other glass objects. These range from the traditional lead came assembly through the more recent copper foil technique. We have also completed a number of projects utilizing addition curing silicone lamination, a process developed in Germany which allows the creation of massive windows without the use of lead cames.


We always treat a restoration project with the respect it deserves, whether it is a window by Tiffany or LaFarge or an unknown maker. This consists mainly of preserving all original materials wherever possible and matching the techniques used by the original maker, and using identical materials in the event that replacement is necessary.


Window design can be in house or external. We can execute designs by outside artist, designers and architects and can work with them to insure that the finished window meets their goals.

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Thomas Garcia

President of The Gil Studio, Inc.

Founded The Gil Studio in 1989 and incorporated in 1993 working in stained glass exclusively since 1974.

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